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3 Tools That Can Increase Spa Revenue

When it comes to spreading the word about your business there are many outlets. If your business lacks online presence, we hate to break it to you but… that’s a bit of a problem. We get it, there’s so much to do and sometimes it seems like you need to add more hours into each day. Because we’re dedicated to your success we are always on the lookout for easy to use tools that can help you work smarter, not harder. This is why we’ve reviewed the following super nifty marketing tools that can take your client count from kind of low to a consistent flow!

Booker (SpaBooker)

If your goal is to grow your business and you’re not using a computer booking system that allows clients to reserve appointments online, what are you waiting for?

The internet has changed the way we do business today and that’s a fact. Let’s say it’s 9pm on Thursday night and I decide that I’m in desperate need of a manicure by Friday morning (TGIF!!) If I can book my appointment immediately I am going to be more likely to visit the spa that allows me to do so. It also eliminates the waiting time for me to find out if they actually have an opening or not. Dan Chandre, Senior Vice President at Booker Software says that 32% of appointments made are made when the business is closed. Not allowing your clients to participate in online booking can become a missed opportunity for your business. Wouldn’t you like to come into a full schedule each day?

Companies like Booker specialize in assisting spas with social promotion, appointment distribution, booking website creation, email marketing and the overall promotion of their business.  According to their site, “SpaBooker includes everything you need to create and manage a marketing program. It uses customer information, stored in the SpaBooker platform to persuade action. Each communication points to your online booking website, putting the sale one click away from the message. Clients can also book from popular social media sites such as Facebook.”  Programs like this enable business owners to attract new customers, retain their current clientele and send out customized email blasts within one platform.


The company, Spafinder Wellness 365 has been known as a spa and wellness authority for 30 years. Their services and involvement and in the spa industry have been praised by and USA Today because they provide spa-goers ways to incorporate wellness and spa services into their daily lives as well as while traveling.

They are popular for their gift cards which never expire and can be purchased online as well as through retailers. Their website indicates that the Spafinder Wellness 365 gift cards can be at 25,000 locations, is your spa on the list?

Consider this, 33% of new spa business comes from gift cards (SpaFinder) and there are many reasons why someone might purchase one. As an active partner, your business will be listed on their website and you will gain access to a variety of perks dependent upon the plan you choose. SpaFinder states that their partners redeem over half a million dollars in gift cards every week. Just think of the possibilities, many of those gift cards may be redeemed by brand-new clients.

To get started, visit their site and choose the best program for your facility. You can start off by simply choosing to accept Spafinder Wellness gift cards.


With over 28 million members around the world, TravelZoo has made a name for themselves as the luxury deal experts. Members receive emails with the latest and greatest deals straight to their inbox, how’s that for letting the world know what you offer?!

Showcasing an entire section dedicated to spas this is a great outlet for attracting new customers, travelers and local clients! All of the deals listed on their website include photos, details about the facility and reviews from consumers that have purchased them. The vouchers are purchased online and clients can also give them as a gift. Their website states that it receives around 6.5 million views per month. That’s a lot of opportunity.

How can your spa get in? To get in touch one of their deal experts you can fill out a contact form found on their site. You will then speak with a representative to find out if your spa will be eligible.

Remember, when offering discounted services there are two things you must do.One, track your efforts, if it goes well you can offer another deal in the future. Two, put a conversion plan in place! What’s a conversion plan? It’s best described as an in-house special offer to turn your brand new clients into regulars. For instance, you could offer a specific package to all guests that take advantage of the “deal” you’re offering. It could also be as simple as a retail or service discount on their next visit, it’s that next visit that needs to happen for a deal program to be considered a long-term success and increase spa revenue.

OK, now you have some tools! Pick your favorite, put it place and start building up your sales.

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