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10 Tips for Selling Infrared Body Treatments

As we all are well aware nobody wants to be “sold” to. But, how do we grow our sales while remaining customer centric?!  There is a way, and it’s called customized recommendations. The spa and beauty industry is very personal and your sales tactics should be, too. Here are 10 tried and true approaches to selling the services you offer, most of them can apply to every treatment on your menu!

1. Know Your Facts!

You’re the expert and clients are going to ask questions. You and your team should be able to give a detailed description of infrared, how it works, the benefits it can provide and what a guest can expect from a session. Educate yourself on everything infrared and share fun facts with clients, education and recommendations go hand-in-hand.

2. Listen

It’s a fact, sometimes when we think we are “listening” we are simply hearing. Instead of practicing your sales pitch in your mind, waiting for an opening to tell your client all about your body wrap, take the time to really listen to what your guest has to say. They may even provide you with the perfect opportunity to tell them why infrared can make a difference in their life specifically.

3. Speak to Clients with Compassion

Your guests come to you because you have something they want, treat them kindly, and make recommendations that can really help them. To do so, keep listening, focus on your client in that moment and be present. Some clients may need more attention, give it to them.

4. Keep Equipment in Tip-Top Shape

It’ll be pretty tough to sell sessions for an infrared wrap that looks old or out of service. Make it a priority to keep your equipment clean and maintained. A body wrap session should be a luxurious treat, make sure your customers can let their cares drift away in your treatment room.

5. Focus on the Benefits, All of Them

We are all individuals with different wants and needs. Some may be focused on weight loss and others are searching for pain relief. Don’t pigeonhole your infrared service by only advertising the benefit you think will be most popular. Instead, provide details about how infrared can assist with weight loss, cellulite reduction, detoxification, skin rejuvenation, relaxation and more. By doing so you can capture clients that may not be coming in to see you for other services. Where do you get all of this information? Hint, you’re in the right place!

6. Create Seasonal or Monthly Promotions

People are often attracted to things that are new. For instance, although your infrared service may have been around for 2 years you can give it a new name, create a new package and then promote it! Send them out to your customer base in your email newsletter, social media and even during your reminder or confirmation calls.

7. Make it All About the Experience

Consistency is how successful businesses stay at the top. Word travels fast! When current and potential clients in your area hear about your infrared body wrap and the amazing experiences others are having at your business they will want to come in too! 

8. Make Sure Each Guest Leaves Happy

The check-out procedure should also consistent, knowledge of how your clients experience was with you is extremely valuable. The front desk associate or employee that takes you clients payment should do at least three things.

  • Ask the customer how their service was and take note of whatever feedback they provide. If they are not completely satisfied, you need to know.
  • Show the client retail recommendations and talk to them about the benefits. Sometimes, this step is done upon check-in. That’s ok, too, as long as the recommendations are happening!
  • Talk to the customer about pre-booking their next appointment. If you can book their next appointment every time it’s almost like you just sold another session 😉

If you allow unhappy guests to leave your facility, it’s likely that they won’t return or recommend your business. Develop a method to address these types of customers and listen to their concerns away from the front desk. The approach you take for “service recovery” may keep the client happy, or at least prevent them from writing a not-so-nice comment about your business on social media.

9. Booking Should Be Easy

The ease of over the phone or online booking can make or break your clients first experience with you. If they were put on hold for too long or couldn’t quickly navigate through your online booking portal they may arrive for their visit slightly perturbed. Online booking may not be the perfect fit for all spas and salons, but when it is a fit, it can most certainly grow revenue while creating a better guest experience for your wonderful clients!

10. Make Sure Your Offers are Enticing

If clients aren’t buying up the current promotions and packages that you offer it could be time to switch it up. What about an occasional body treatments flash sale? A flash sale typically lasts for a very short period of time in which a business sells products or services at much lower rates than usual. These types of sales may bring in clients who haven’t tried your infrared service and give them the opportunity to get hooked! So, think of it this way, become a recommendation expert! This will require that you and your team think a bit deeper about how you will recommend your infrared service to different types of clients. We suggest starting by creating buyer personas, you can read about those by clicking here!

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