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Infrared Therapy

You would be surprised at what infrared therapy can do for you and for your life! Infrared Therapy is an innovative light-based therapy method that is now being used in different fields of medicine to treat pain or inflammation. Aside from being safe, natural, non-invasive, and painless, infrared has the ability to penetrate deep layers of the skin leading to a much better pain relief. Furthermore, infrared light can enhance cell generation.

Why is Infrared Therapy Being Widely Used?

Truly, infrared therapy brings many benefits. Being safe and natural that it is, it serves as an alternative treatment for various medical conditions and plays numerous roles in our body such as detoxification, pain relief, weight loss, relaxation, and many more.


Other Benefits of Infrared Therapy


Ease Flu Symptoms 

Flu Season. Flu Season. Nobody likes the Flu season right? It starts making its rounds then all of a sudden you have a fever and experiencing body aches. In order for your body to fully recover, you need to boost your immune system to combat the flu. That is just what infrared therapy does. Infrared Therapy improves your health and recovery process through stress reduction and improved circulation.

Soothe Period Pains

When a woman is on her period, she tends to experience cramps, back pain, and mood swings that cause unwanted stress. It was stated that infrared heat can serve as a heating pad and helps in reducing period pain and dysmenorrhea.

Natural Antidepressant 

It is quite normal for everyone to feel a variety of emotions on a daily basis. We tend to experience sadness, uneasiness, anxiety, even depression but it is also during these times that we forget how wellness can be of help. It is actually during these times that we need mood boosting activities such infrared heat. Infrared heat has the ability to trigger a positive response in the brain signaling to the body that it is okay to relax. Infrared heat is effective in lessening stress and depression.

Founded 10 years ago, Fit Bodywrap is now the leader in infrared wellness. We aim to make infrared technology accessible to everyone and everywhere. With this vision in mind, we were able to produce the Fit Bodywrap System . If you want to experience the power of infrared, find a FIT Bodywrap certified provider near you or give us a call at 1-888-534-8669 or email us at to learn more on how you can grow your business with the FIT Bodywrap System.


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