FIT Bodywrap

With Dozens of Benefits

The FIT Bodywrap System allows you to attract new clientele with a contactless service all while increasing retention rates with current customers.

Adding the FIT Bodywrap System will enhance your menu, diversify client base, increase revenue, combat seasonality, and keep clients coming back time and time again. All without the additional overhead. 

Become a Business Member!

Are you part of a business? 

If so, sign up for our new business membership program. You can either join by checking the box during your account creation or by going to your account page and filling out your business information.

All we need is your business name, EIN/Tax ID, and reseller information. In order to qualify for a business membership, your approval documentation must include a valid reseller certificate. Take a look below at our levels and benefits available. 

Business Membership Criteria


These levels start at Salon Cost for applicable items and work their way up. All levels are based on annual expenditure during the previous year. All of this year’s spending will go towards your new level next year.

  • Basic (Salon Cost): $0-$749
  • Bronze (5%): $750-$2,999
  • Silver (10%): $3,000-$9,999
  • Gold (15%): $10,000-$19,999
  • Platinum (20%): $20,000+

Bulk Discount Permissions

We are now exclusively selling cases of our product ONLY to businesses. If you are in the state of California and would like to qualify for tax-free purchases of select items, please sign up for our Business Membership program or reach out to us at with your resellers certificate.

Volume Purchasing for Franchises/Chains

With our new membership program, we will be linking up the purchase volume for franchises and chains upon their request. What this means is that at the end of the year, the full volume of all the linked accounts will be credited to each user allowing for a higher membership tier than if purchasing alone. This is also an incentive for those looking to get new franchisees!

*The Business Membership is free of charge; the dollar amounts above refer to annual tabulated pricing.


A Standalone Service

As Part of a Package

As a Series of Treatments

As an Upgrade

One Week To Launch

We know how daunting it can be to launch a new service. We also know about the struggles of achieving and maintaining success.

Thats’s why we include training and marketing resources and assistance with your purchase. 

Take these steps with us, and you’ll be booking FIT Bodywrap sessions in no time!

Day 1
Your system ships the same day!

• Get access to our Partner Portal and browse all of our available resources.
Day 1
Day 2
Get certified online in about an hour.

• Train your staff in about 20 minutes.
Day 2
Day 3
Make a Plan
Use our getting started checklist to determine your goals and make a plan.
Day 3
Day 4
Set up the room for your FIT Bodywrap

• Start promoting the service in advance.

• Visit the Partner Portal to download graphics for marketing and promotion.
Day 4
Day 5
Using guides in our Resource Library, finalize pricing, introductory promotions, launch party ideas, and menu.
Day 5
Day 6
Spread the Word
Share your menu.

• Announce Pricing.

• Post signs or create flyers for specials.

• Start running ads on Facebook and Google.

• Start pre-booking FIT appointments
Day 6
Day 7
Soft Launch
You system is delivered within 1 week of shipping.

• You and your staff try out the first sessions.
Day 7

Your FIT Bodywrap investment includes so much more than just equipment.

Training and On-boarding

Marketing Guidance

A Library of Resources

Live Tech Support

Lets Connect!

We’d love to show you how FIT Bodywrap will work for your business. 

Fill out the form below and get a free ROI & Onboarding Sheet!

Congratulation on your new system purchase!

You are now eligible for a discount of 35% off MSRP for applicable items on your next purchase! Please check your email for your unique discount code. This code is valid for up to 2 weeks from the date of your system purchase.

Do NOT send the power cord or black dongle with your controller for upgrade.

We are not responsible for lost or misplaced accessories upon return.