With Dozens of Benefits

The FIT Bodywrap System allows you to attract new clientele with a contactless service all while increasing retention rates with current customers.

Adding the FIT Bodywrap System will enhance your menu, diversify client base, increase revenue, combat seasonality, and keep clients coming back time and time again. All without the additional overhead. 


A Standalone Service

As Part of a Package

As a Series of Treatments

As an Upgrade

One Week To Launch

We know how daunting it can be to launch a new service. We also know about the struggles of achieving and maintaining success.

Thats’s why we include training and marketing resources and assistance with your purchase. 

Take these steps with us, and you’ll be booking FIT Bodywrap sessions in no time!

Your FIT Bodywrap investment includes so much more than just equipment.

Training and On-boarding

Marketing Guidance

A Library of Resources

Live Tech Support

Want to know more?

Growing Line of Skin Care Products

FIT Bodywrap offers an entire retail and back bar product line to compliment any spa service.

Real Businesses, Real Results

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We’d love to show you how FIT Bodywrap will work for your business.

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