Tanning salons

Diversify into every top wellness & beauty category with one service

Whole-body skincare for longer-lasting tans

Popular the whole year round

T-Max compatible, self-administered, easy to clean

FIT Bodywrap is the natural choice when determining how to diversify your tanning salon to include spa services. Infrared pairs wonderfully with other self-administered spa services, and as tanning is a beauty-driven industry, the FIT Bodywrap fits your customers’ desire to look and feel their best.

Sessions can be sold individually, in packages, or as monthly memberships. Many tanning salon owners find success with memberships that bundle the FIT Bodywrap with tanning and other spa services for one price.

Our retail products, the FIT Booster Spray and FIT Radiance Lotion, are designed to increase the benefits of each session, and are sold in the same manner as tanning lotions.

The FIT Bodywrap takes up about as much space as a tanning bed and is ideal to replace an under-performing bed or service. It requires no hard-wiring and can be plugged right into the wall.

While tanning is seasonal, the FIT Bodywrap provides results all year long. It opens up the possibility of bringing in a new demographic, expanding your customer base and your business.