Spas & Wellness centers

Adding a FIT Bodywrap to body sculpting treatments can speed up the lymphatic purge and increase body-sculpting results.

A 30-minute session prior to any treatment is a luxurious way to begin an appointment. Leave your client deeply relaxed and free of aches & pains.

Improve skin tone, tightness, clarity, and exfoliation, as well as skin conditions. Heat does not need to be applied to the face to improve the condition of facial skin.

A 30-minute session prior to a massage will deeply relax the client and warm up muscles, making a massage less painful. A full session post-massage will boost detoxification.

FIT Bodywrap can be combined with existing services such as massages, facials, and body sculpting. 

It can be utilized as a stand-alone treatment, either attended by a therapist, or unattended, requiring no staff, except for cleanup. 

FIT Bodywrap works perfectly as a series treatment, for clients with long-term goals, as well as a single treatment to enhance other services.

  • The FIT Bodywrap takes up about as much space as a massage table 
  • Ideal to replace an under-utilized space or spare exam room, but is also portable.
  • It requires no hard-wiring and can be plugged right into the wall.