Chiropractors & physical therapists

Infrared treatments, such as the FIT Bodywrap, are FDA approved for pain management.

A safe, effective, and natural way to manage pain from injuries, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and more, without medication.

As a weight loss alternative, FIT Bodywrap is an effective way to assist clients who need to reduce their weight in order to correct musculoskeletal issues.

Free Up Your Time - FIT Bodywrap also can be used as an unattended treatment, requiring no staff, except for cleanup.

FIT Bodywrap can be combined with existing services such as soft tissue work and adjustments, or it can be utilized as a stand-alone treatment overseen by an assistant. 

FIT Bodywrap can be billable to insurance using CPT code 97026

  • The FIT Bodywrap takes up about as much space as a medical table 
  • Ideal to replace an under-utilized space or spare exam room. 
  • It requires no hard-wiring and can be plugged right into the wall.