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Get in on the next trend in wellness with an effective, all-natural infrared treatment.

Expand your opportunities

With dozens of benefits, the FIT Bodywrap System allows you to attract new clientele while increasing retention rates with current customers.

4 revenue-boosting ways to offer FIT Bodywrap

A Standalone Service

As Part of a Package

As a Series of Treatments

As an Upgrade


spa & wellness

As a standalone treatment or a series or treatments.

Combine with massages, facials, or body sculpting.

sweat lodge

Build a business around FIT Bodywrap.

Easily and efficiently offer dozens of sessions daily.


FIT Bodywrap was created with tanning salons in mind.

Enhance tanning services, and expand your customer base with spa services.


Add higher membership levels, offer upgrades, and packages.

Dozens of fitness-oriented benefits to help your clients achieve their goals.


FIT Bodywrap sessions to date

Real Businesses,
Real Results

Lux Tox Rachel
Lux Tox

I believe in FIT so much that I built my whole business around infrared!

Rachel H.
Dallas, TX
Dr. Susan's pH

My clients experience tremendous success with continued sessions, from weight loss, to relief from rheumatoid arthritis and MS symptoms.

Dr. Susan Mattes Bostian
Nazareth, PA
mitzi headshot
Mitzi K's Day Spa

I love that my business provides clients with a unique, results-oriented service, that brings in extra revenue

Mitzi S.
Beatrice, NE

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