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      Curious what a FIT Bodywrap session can do for you?

      The benefits of regular FIT Bodywrap sessions can be life-changing:

      • Pain Relief
      • Detox
      • Mind-Body Wellness
      • Weight Loss
      • Fitness Recovery
      • Whole-Body Skin Care
      • Cellulite Reduction
      • Anti-Aging

      Only FIT Bodywrap does it all!

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      While everyone is different, and individual results may vary, you can see benefits for detoxification and pain relief after as little as one session.

      Weight loss, improved skin, and lower stress levels will take multiple sessions, as often as every other day, to achieve.

      It can be challenging to give an exact number of calories burned. Sweating consumes calories, and an infrared body wrap session can induce 3-5 times more sweat than exercise alone will produce.

      The number of calories burned in a session is dependent on several factors that may vary from session to session. These include:

      • Your body type and metabolism
      • How conditioned you are to sweat
      • Your body’s current hydration status
      • How/what you’ve recently eaten
      • Adequate application of the Fit Booster spray
      • How warm the weather is

      Also, remember that a FIT Bodywrap session can elevate your metabolism, increasing caloric consumption for many hours after the session ends.

      The weight lost through consistent FIT Bodywrap sessions is not water weight. Each FIT session burns calories, boosts your metabolism, flushes fat from fat cells, and lowers your cortisol levels (which is the hormone that makes you carry weight in your mid-section).

      Because we recommend thoroughly hydrating before, during, and after your FIT Bodywrap session, you won’t see a weight change from water weight loss.

      Generally, the first half of a session is relaxing as the infrared heat begins to penetrate your body. Pain relief happens within this first half hour.

      Once your core temperature reaches 100.5°, your heart rate will increase and you’ll begin sweating profusely. This part can feel less than comfortable, but it’s also when all of those benefits really kick in.

      For many reasons, your core temperature may reach that point earlier in your session, on a very warm day, or after a workout, for example. If that’s the case, then you can determine how long you wish to stay in the session.

      Keep in mind that the longer your session, the greater benefits you’ll achieve.

      Yes! Even if you don’t sweat very much, your body is still working to cool itself, which is what burns calories and provides the many benefits.

      Please view the contraindications list. If you have any of the conditions on this list, please check with your doctor before scheduling your first FIT Bodywrap session.

      If you have questions, speak with your doctor before beginning a new program. Make sure to ask about any other medical conditions or medications that may affect you.

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