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While everyone is different and individual results may vary, you can see benefits for detoxification and pain relief after as little as one session.

Weight loss, improved skin, and lower stress levels will take multiple sessions, as often as every other day, to achieve.

It can be challenging to give an exact number of calories burned, but sweating consumes calories, and an infrared body wrap session can induce 3-5 times more sweat than exercise alone will produce.

The number of calories burned in a session is dependent on a number of factors and can vary from session to session. These include:

• Your body type and metabolism.
• How conditioned you are to sweat.
• Your body’s current hydration status.
• How/what you’ve recently eaten.
• Adequate application of the Fit Booster spray.
• How warm the weather is.

Also, remember that a FIT Bodywrap session can elevate your metabolism for many hours after the session ends, so the increased caloric consumption can continue for many hours as well.

The weight lost through consistent FIT Bodywrap sessions is not water weight, as each FIT session burns calories, boosts your metabolism, flushes fat from fat cells, and lowers your cortisol levels (which is the hormone that makes you carry weight in your mid-section).

Because we recommend thoroughly hydrating before, during, and after your FIT Bodywrap session, you won’t see a weight change from water weight loss.

Generally, the first half of a session is relaxing as the infrared heat begins to penetrate your body. Pain relief happens within this first 25 minutes.

Once your core temperature reaches 100.5°, your heart rate will increase and you’ll begin sweating profusely. This part can feel less than comfortable, but it’s also when all of those benefits really kick in.

For many reasons, you may reach that point earlier in your session, on a very warm day, or after a workout, for example. If that’s the case, then you can determine how long you wish to stay in the session. But the longer your session, the greater benefits you’ll achieve.

Yes! Even if you don’t sweat very much, your body is still working to cool itself, which is what burns calories and provides the many benefits.

Please view the contraindications list. If you have any of the conditions on this list, please check with your doctor before starting your first FIT Bodywrap session.

If you have questions, speak with your doctor before beginning a new program. Make sure to ask about any other medical conditions or medications that may affect you.


It’s formulated to increase micro-circulation and boost effects of your FIT Bodywrap session. It creates a barrier on your skin that makes your body work harder to sweat, thus burning more calories. (Use it before you head to the gym, too!)

It also stimulates skin health benefits, helping to tighten, tone, moisturize, and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

FIT Booster will amplify results of a FIT Bodywrap session because the pores are open, allowing more nutrients in – why not get more out of your session?

The FIT Coat is a jumpsuit made of a non-porous material designed to enhance the results of infrared sessions. As sweat is produced the heat will evaporate water molecules inside of the coat creating a steam-like effect that will act to  moisturize, exfoliate and regenerate the dermis, resulting in tighter and smoother skin. 

The coat creates a barrier between the client and the unit as well as contains most of the sweat, making the FIT Bodywrap a more hygienic experience.

The interior is lined with mesh that prevents the coat from sticking to your skin, and absorbs much of the sweat you’ll produce, making sessions more comfortable.

The FIT Radiance Complex is a daily body lotion that provides immediate hydration and works to improve the overall tone and texture of the skin. It is formulated diminishes the appearance of cellulite, as well as increases skin firmness, to reduce fine lines an wrinkles. (Highly effective when used on it’s own or when used in between infrared sessions. 

The FIT Rx line of products is professional grade custom blended product line designed to enhance any body treatment or service (Ex: infrared sessions, massage and other body treatments). 

Based on the specfic goals for the treatment, clients can choose a combination of highly concentrated additives (up to all five) to be applied via massage or self-application prior to their infrared session or other body treatment service. 

Health & Safety

If you have concerns about whether FIT Bodywrap is safe for you, please see the full list of contraindications.

For a combination of safety and longevity, the FIT Bodywrap system has a conversion for power input from 110V down to 39V.

This means that only 39V of electricity are running through the wrap at a time.

Not only does the FIT system convert the voltage, but it also has a temperature safety switch to prevent dangerously high or sudden rises in temperature.

Most infrared wrap systems on the market deliver over 100V of power throughout the whole wrap without safety switches.

Safety sensors, however, prevent the wrap from catching on fire or even electrocuting the user if something goes wrong.

There is no research indicating that the infrared heat and temperatures generated by the FIT Bodywrap would cause changes in implants, although saline implants may be warmed by the heat.

We strongly recommend that you check with your physician before starting FIT Bodywrap sessions. 

Pregnant women or women who are trying to become pregnant should not use the FIT Bodywrap.


Infrared heat has been widely studied and used for centuries. Thermal therapy can even be traced back to ancient civilizations such as the Finns, Romans, Indians, and the most well known infrared practitioners, the Chinese. In India, yogis have been known to use infrared palm healing, especially for eye strains. In Asia, over 700,000 infrared thermal systems have been sold. 30 million people have received localized infrared treatment in Asia, Europe, and Austria.

A British astronomer, Sir William Herschel, began studying the planets and stars in the late 1700’s. He eventually began to build reflecting telescopes. In the 1800’s, while he used colored filters to observe sunlight passing through prisms, Herschel discovered infrared by testing the individual temperatures of each color and measuring the temperature just beyond the red portion of the spectrum (where no sunlight was visible). During this process, he found the infrared region’s temperature was the highest of all. Thus, leading to the discovery that there is light we cannot see with our eyes, and that infrared shows itself in the form of heat.

Shortly after Hershel’s findings, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, an American surgeon, scientist, and proponent of holistic health treatments, opened what we would call a wellness center with a focus on nutrition, exercise and holistic health care. Although he was not the creator, it was during this time Dr. Kellogg began using horizontal cabinets for his patients to sit in and submerge their bodies in heat to produce sweat and promote healing. 

In the last few decades, extensive clinical research has documented a wide range of potential wellness benefits of infrared therapy as delivered by the FIT Bodywrap system. Much of that research which was done by FIT Bodywrap’s own Clinical Director, Dr. Aaron Flickstein.

Infrared heat is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is a spectrum of light radiation. Yes, radiation! But not all radiation is bad! The term radiation just means the release of energy as moving waves or streaming particles.

The radiation we receive from the electromagnetic spectrum is considered non-harmful, natural radiation. It includes everything from radio waves to UV rays, micro waves, and color. This is a naturally occurring process. Because the earth itself emits radiation, all living things on the planet do as well.

Infrared is light that we cannot see, but instead feel as heat. Your natural body heat, heat from a campfire, and even warmth we feel from the sun are all infrared. We experience small amounts of this safe and natural heat every day. Infrared heat is safely absorbed by the body because our bodies also produce it!

There are three types, or wavelengths, of infrared heat. Our sun’s output is made up of a mixture of all three of them, but the human body emits far infrared specifically.

  • Near infrared penetrates skin deep and can help with skin conditions. This is the infrared heat you feel in a sauna.
  • Mid infrared penetrates a bit deeper to improve circulation.
  • Far infrared warms the body directly, not the air around it. It penetrates deeply into the body (up to 1.5”) allowing it to provide the most benefits.

The FIT Bodywrap produces far infrared heat, so it strictly penetrates the body, improving circulation, and inducing sweat, providing wellness benefits such as pain relief, weight loss, cellulite reduction, skin rejuvenation, relaxation, and so much more.

Infrared is one of the fastest growing trends in the wellness market is popping up in a wide range of businesses from boutique spas and luxury fitness studios, to wellness centers and salons.

It’s said to be a favorite of the Kardashians, Selena Gomez, and Jennifer Aniston, who specifically uses infrared treatments to wind-down after a workout. Gwyneth Paltrow has also written extensively about its benefits.

It is reported that globally, infrared alone is estimated to be a $75-million market which is “growing rapidly,” according to a report published in the Canadian Family Physician, the official journal of The College of Family physicians of Canada.

Frequented by celebrities from the East coast to the West, are high-end sweat spas or sweat lodges, companies who offer solely infrared body wraps or saunas. Other salons, spas and wellness centers can offer a similar experience to their customers, making an in-demand treatment adored by celebrities much more accessible. As this popularity grows, you can expect customers to start looking for infrared treatments in their area.


Every provider will receive extensive training when they purchase the system.

Our Certified Provider training course is available online once you purchase your FIT Bodywrap system.

For your convenience, a 20-minute staff training video is also available, which covers everything they need to know to educate your clients and sell sessions and retail products.

In addition to our online training options, on request we offer personalized training Q&A’s with all staff members via Skype or conference call.

We also recognize the importance of marketing the system for many of our Providers, so we also offer a marketing training with the owner(s), managers or marketing staff to review marketing options, share best practices and discuss session pricing and promotional options.

Best of all, all of our training is included with your system purchase! We never charge for ongoing training of any kind.

Only Certified Providers of FIT Bodywrap are listed on our locator.

Once a provider has completed our Certified Provider Training Course, they become a Certified Provider and are added to the locator on our website.

If you have completed this training and don’t see your business listed, please contact us to have your location added.

An active owner or manager of each location listed needs to be certified to maintain certification for the location.

Certified Providers can log into the Partner Portal on our website to access our Partner Resource Center.

The Resource Center contains a multitude of downloadable materials, manuals, protocols and training webinars. New materials are added often.

Providers can also use any content posted on our website, blog, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter in their marketing efforts.

We cannot create custom marketing materials for our providers, however, if you reach out to our Support & Training team, we can offer suggestions for how to market FIT Bodywrap to your clients, as well as recommend resources for easily creating your own marketing materials.

The FIT Bodywrap system includes the controller, body wrap and the arm wraps.

FIT Bodywrap warrants the controller to be free of all defects in material and workmanship for six (6) months from the date of purchase. The body wrap and arm wraps are covered under a three (3) month warranty period.

Certified Providers should expect to replace their body wrap and arm wraps periodically, depending on the usage, environment and other factors. With proper maintenance, you should plan to replace them once per year with normal usage.


Use a hospital-grade disinfectant to clean your FIT Bodywrap. We recommend PREempt or any hospital grade hydrogen peroxide based disinfectant.

It’s important that you do not use any cleaning products that contain alcohol, as it can cause the material to dry out.

We recommend Resolve stain remover to clean the trim areas of the wrap.

A velcro cleaning brush can be used to remove debris from the velcro.

An often-overlooked step is proper storage. When a session is not running, make sure that the blanket and arm wraps are thoroughly clean and kept closed. This will help reduce stress on the areas where the wraps fold. The FIT Controller should be either wall-mounted or placed on a nearby table or shelf. Your customers should never walk around or over the cords.

Clean your FIT Bodywrap immediately after every session.

We also recommend deep-cleaning weekly, and maintenance checks on a monthly basis.

Daily Maintenance – After every session:

  • Step 1: Open the body wrap and arm wraps up completely. Remove any trash and wipe up any residue in the wrap with a clean towel.
  • Step 2: Spray a hospital grade hydrogen peroxide based disinfectant (We recommend PREempt) liberally all over the wrap and arms, following the specific instructions on your cleaner for the length of time it is to be left on.
  • Step 3: Wipe away disinfectant with a clean towel.
  • Step 4: Use a clean damp towel to remove any chemical or cleaner residue.
  • Step 5: Allow the wrap to dry completely before closing it and be sure to wipe the outside of the wrap clean.

Weekly Maintenance:

  • Inspect and detangle cords, ensuring that they are plugged in fully and properly.
  • A deep cleaning is recommended minimum once per week to optimize cleanliness. We recommend doing this at the end of the night so that the room and wraps have time to air out.

Monthly Maintenance:

  • Run a session to make sure each zone is heating properly.
  • Check for any scuffs or stains on the outside of the wrap or trim – these can be cleaned with a foaming cleaner such as Resolve. Make sure to avoid getting this cleaning product on the interior vinyl of the wrap, as it can dry out the material.
  • Clean your controller: spray disinfectant onto a clean towel and gently wipe down the controller, including the touch panel on the front, which your team and customers frequently touch.
  • Spray compressed air into the fan and vents of the controller to remove dust build-up.
  • Remove debris from the Velcro with a file-cleaning wire brush. Be be very careful not to scratch or scuff the vinyl.

Just like light bulbs or tires on a car, the body wrap and arm wraps are wear-and-tear items that will start to show signs of use over time.

Certified Providers should expect to replace their body wrap and arm wraps periodically, depending on the usage, environment and other factors. With proper maintenance, you should plan to replace them once per year with normal usage.

Should a technical issue arrive our tech support staff is here to help!

Please visit our Troubleshooting page for the most common issues that can be tested at your location. Once done with troubleshooting, please visit our Repairs Request page to submit any inquires or problems you are having with your system.

Most advanced troubleshooting can be handled over the phone; any repairs that need attention are handled in-house.

Most repairs are completed within three business days, assuring as little downtime as possible.

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Do NOT send the power cord or black dongle with your controller for upgrade.

We are not responsible for lost or misplaced accessories upon return.