Infrared immersion

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Naturally occurring, infrared is the safest and most effective form of focused heat therapy.

The infrared band in the light spectrum is simply light that we cannot see but we feel as heat. We experience infrared in our everyday lives; for instance, the warmth we feel on our skin from the sun is a result from penetrating infrared rays.   

growing demand

Infrared is one of the fastest growing trends in the wellness market. It is estimated that the current North American market is set to be valued at $75-million and is growing rapidly.

Infrared Influencers

The many benefits of infrared immersion have caused this wellness powerhouse to receive celebrity attention from the Kardashians, Selena Gomez, and Jennifer Aniston, who specifically uses infrared treatments to wind-down after a workout.

Sweating is Trending

Instagrammers are proving that sweat is something to work toward and be proud of. #sweat, #sweating, #sweaty, #sweatyselfie, #sweatsesh – these five hashtags feature over 15 million posts on Instagram alone. Tap into this growing trend by offering a safe, natural, relaxing way to break a sweat.

Businesses across many industries are successfully offering infrared services.

clinically-proven benefits

pain relief


cellulite reduction

skin care

weight loss


fitness recovery


Learn how infrared can aid in weight loss and improve wellness.
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The FIT Difference

Infrared isn’t just what we do – it’s all we do.

There are a number of infrared systems on the market these days. So, how has FIT Bodywrap managed to produce the most effective, reliable, and comfortable infrared system available for over a decade? By staying focused on what we do best –infrared.

When it comes to far infrared heat therapy, the deeper the heat penetrates the body, the greater the benefits will be. Being the over-achievers that we are, we included flexible carbon fiber heating elements. This means that all 19 of the FIT Bodywrap’s infrared emitters contour to the body for 360 degrees of encapsulating far infrared heat.

The best part? With the heat source located in close proximity, infrared rays penetrate the body up to 1.5 inches for maximum direct infrared immersion, delivering the greatest possible benefits.

increase profitability

Low operational cost plus big return is the formula for success.

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Lux Tox

I believe in FIT so much that I built my whole business around infrared!

Rachel H.
Dallas, TX
Dr. Susan's pH

My clients experience tremendous success with continued sessions, from weight loss, to relief from rheumatoid arthritis and MS symptoms.

Dr. Susan Mattes Bostian
Nazareth, PA
Mitzi K's Day Spa

I love that my business provides clients with a unique, results-oriented service, that brings in extra revenue

Mitzi S.
Beatrice, NE

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