Ease of Use

The FIT Bodywrap® system was designed by salon owners who were frustrated with the existing far infrared heat (FIR) bodywrap systems. They were looking for a system that provided the simplicity and margins that traditional revenue channels, such as the Mystic Tan, were offering. These pain points motivated them to design an innovative, less labor intensive, turnkey solution that has created another a high margin revenue channel for their salons.

Customer Self-Executed FIT Bodywrap® Sessions

FIT Bodywrap is a system that was not only built to increase it’s ease of use by employees, but for it’s clients also. Client satisfaction has gone up dramatically as they no longer need a tanning attendant to set them up, do an in-session adjustment, or assist in removing the bodywrap when the session has been completed. Your clients will have complete privacy and control during their spa related experience.

Prior to using the FIT Bodywrap, clients will be asked to watch a short DVD to educate them on the wrap process. From there, the client will enjoy a completely self-administered 60 minute session. Unlike previous far infrared heat (FIR) bodywrap systems that only allowed for temperature adjustments in 10 degree increments, FIT has the ability to be adjusted by a single degree up to 130 degrees. Although a client’s body is fully wrapped to reduce the amount of cold spots, they will have the ability to personally adjust the level of heat within four different pad zones consisting of arms, abdomen, upper legs, and lower legs. This unique personalized temperature control feature will give them an experience that will make them feel both comfortable and safe.

T-Max®  Compatibility

Our system is 100% compatible with the T-Max®  timer system allowing the FIT to be operated in the same manner as of your other UV technologies. The bodywrap’s “plug-n-play” ability with the T-Max®  timer let’s owners integrate the FIT Bodywrap® seamlessly into their salons ensuring:

  • Employee accountability – No more unwarranted sessions as it’s run by your point of sale system
  • Protection of your investment
  • Minimization of client and employee abuse

Quick Clean Up = Less Labor

FIT Bodywrap® is a low maintenance weight loss service. With minimal time required for clean up, you can ensure fast turnaround times and more satisfied customers. Total labor time for the FIT Bodywrap is estimated at less than 4 minutes, while other far infrared heat (FIR) bodywrap systems that have been noted to be around 15-35 minutes, or up to 8x higher! There are less parts to clean, less laundry to wash, and less items to reset creating a streamlined process that will generate even more revenue.